General Committees

Business and Entrepreneurship

The purpose of this committee is to nurture a business and entrepreneurial spirit, primarily by creating meaningful connections and fostering collaboration between Croatian and U.S. companies through ACAP assistance.

Medical Tourism

This Committee was formed to study the potential for Croatia to become an industry leader in worldwide medical tourism. The goal is preparing Croatia to harness its unique beauty and high-quality medical care to attract patients worldwide. 

Research, Development, and Policy

This committee aims to catalyze all forms of collaboration in educational, scientific, and professional programs between Croatia and the U.S. It supports academic and corporate programs in all areas of science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics. 


ACAP Foundation oversees and directs philanthropic efforts in the domains of education, careers, and community. It aims to fund life-changing projects, forge partnerships, and foster growth, particularly among Croatian future leaders in Croatia and the U.S., to ensure that they have access to  educational and career opportunities.

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