The Business and Entrepreneurship Committee is where ACAP’s goal of connecting, creating, and contributing come together. This committee facilitates connections among U.S. and Croatia based firms so members can create and collaborate in the business sector.  ACAP members’ involvement promotes U.S.-Croatia business, management, and entrepreneurial activities. 

Interested parties can reach out to ACAP leadership or members.  During our monthly meetings, the committee reviews inquiries from members who seek connections to create growth in their sector. 

The activities include outreach to ACAP members for commercial opportunities based on skills and interest,  delivering classes,  workshops, and video content on relevant business, management, and entrepreneurship topics.

One of the outcomes is a successful collaboration between the U.S. and Croatian business communities facilitated by ACAP members.   The committee has assisted Croatian firms, both startups and established businesses, seeking U.S. success.  The committee also helps U.S. and non-U.S. firms looking to expand in Croatia.  Building a Croatian-American business and entrepreneurship network, and raising visibility and awareness through marketing, social media, and bilateral member-driven outreach is the goal of the committee.

  1. Introductions: The Committee can facilitate connections to relevant Croatia and U.S. based professionals where available.
  2. Advice: The Committee offers limited, volunteer, high-level reviews of key questions concerning your product and services, marketing strategies, talent acquisition, and tax and legal matters.
  3. Execution: The Committee helps with specific tasks by engaging both network and non-network contacts.
  1. Fill out a short questionnaire (2min) or send a request via email at
  2. The Committee will review your request and respond within 14 days, detailing our potential assistance and requesting any additional information necessary to proceed if we believe we can be of help.
  3. Further help may or may not involve ACAP,  and may include free and/or paid engagement, depending on the inquiry.
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