Given Croatia’s rich cultural heritage, ACAP Foundation realizes the value of investing in its promotion in the communities in which we live and work. Examples of Cultural projects we have supported include: 

Domovina Birthright Program: In collaboration with the Central State Office for Croats Abroad, ACAP sponsors an experiential summer program for young diaspora adults (18-29) that visits all regions of Croatia and variety of Croatian people and institutions. 

KRAVATA: ACAP Foundation supported the project “Hrvati ujedinjeni kravatom,” which highlights prominent Croats in the world through their neckties. Having premiered in Croatia during the summer of 2023, the exhibit will be shown at universities and other prominent venues across the E.U., Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the United States.   The goal is to connect Croats and friends of Croatia through their shared heritage.

“How Antuntun Lives” We supported the development of a collaboration with the University of Osijek that resulted in the introduction of a lesson for all first graders in Ewing Township School (New Jersey) about the famous Croatian poem “Kako zivi Antuntun.” Through virtual puppet theater and interviews with actors, each year children are introduced to the value of diversity (and giftedness) by learning about Antuntun.

Domovina Birthright Program

This trip was life-changing. Despite being from different parts of the world we came together as one strong unit bound together by our common love for our Homeland, a beautiful thing to witness and take part in. I’m happy to say the Croatian pride and passion runs deep within the hearts of Croats from all over the globe. It was a real privilege to participate in the Domovina Birthright Program and I have faith this trip marks the beginning of many great things to come out of Croatia and the Croatian diaspora.– Zrinka Lyubicic

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