ACAP’s Scholarship Program is aimed at supporting academically  gifted and students in financial need. So far, this initiative includes partnerships with Algebra University College, Rochester Institute of Technology Croatia (RIT Croatia), University of Zagreb – Faculty of Engineering and Computing (FER) and Zagreb School of Economics and Management. The core objective of these collaborations is to offer scholarships for the current academic year. These scholarships are specifically aimed at students who have demonstrated outstanding academic achievements and are in need of financial support.

These strategic partnerships are not just a one-time effort but part of a long-term vision. The ACAP Foundation, along with its members, is committed to nurturing these relationships by not only providing scholarships but also offering mentorships and internships. This collaborative approach is designed to strengthen the American-Croatian professional network, both in the US and Croatia.

The effort underscores ACAP’s dedication to fostering educational excellence and supporting the next generation of professionals, ensuring that economic challenges do not hinder the academic and professional aspirations of talented students. Through these scholarships, ACAP is investing in the future leaders and innovators who will contribute to the global community.

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