The innovative mentorship program bridges the gap between Croatia and the United States, bringing together successful Croatian professionals based in the U.S. from diverse fields such as law, finance, banking, marketing, entertainment, and venture capital. These mentors share their invaluable international experience and insights with the students, enhancing their global perspective and professional growth.

For three successful seasons, ACAP has collaborated with prominent educational institutions in Croatia. ACAP New York Chapter has partnered with the Zagreb School of Economics and Management to form 10 mentor-student pairs, while ACAP Seattle has worked with Algebra, resulting in 6 mentor-student pairs. These partnerships underline the importance of exposing young minds to international experiences, broadening their horizons, and equipping them with the skills needed to excel in an increasingly interconnected world. The mentorship program stands as a testament to the value of global learning and the impact of cross-cultural professional guidance.

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