ACAP partners with U.S. and Croatian institutions to develop skills among young people in Croatia. ACAP’s wide member network provides them with access to life-changing experiences, including scholarships, mentorships, and internships.

Scholarships: ACAP provides a number of scholarships in collaboration with the University of Zagreb Faculty of Computing and Engineering (FER), the Zagreb School of Economics and Management, RIT Croatia, and Algebra University.

Study Abroad Croatia: In collaboration with the University of Zagreb, ACAP is creating a semester-long program for U.S. students to study in Croatia. The goal is to create at least five undergraduate courses that will be fully transferable to a U.S. degree and thus contribute to the development of academic tourism in Croatia.

Mentorships: The mentorship program connects aspiring leaders from Croatia with experienced mentors in the U.S., facilitating discussions on career development and industry insights. This initiative aims to empower the next generation of Croatian professionals by providing them with valuable guidance and professional networks.

Internships and Fellowships: The internship and fellowship program is designed to launch early careers by placing participants in renowned companies and prestigious medical institutions, such as the Cleveland Clinic and Mount Sinai. This opportunity provides invaluable hands-on experience and opens doors to significant professional advancement.

STEMI: ACAP funded the introduction of the STEMI curriculum (developed by a Croatian startup) in three schools in the eastern part of Croatia to help young students learn STEM skills and learn about innovation and entrepreneurship. 

ACAP Scholars 2023

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