Mentorship: ACAP NYC has worked with the Zagreb School of Economics and Management (10 mentor/student pairs) and ACAP Seattle with Algebra University (6 mentor/student pairs).

Internships and Fellowships: ACAP members offer experiential learning opportunities for students and early career professionals at leading institutions in the U.S. to co-fund post-docs, Ph.D. internships, and fellowships.  Current placements are with the Cleveland Clinic, the University of Miami School of Medicine, the National Institutes of Health, and Mt. Sinai Hospital in NYC.

Career Pathways Seminars: ACAP delivered virtual career pathways seminars to more than 300 undergraduate students in Croatia last year, exposing them to leading experts in STEM fields. 

Dr. Antun Zvonimir Kovač is one of the scholarship recipients. This opportunity enabled him to pursue an internship at the world-renowned Cleveland Clinic and transfer new knowledge back to Croatia. 

This is an effort organized by the hospital’s CEO, Dr. Tomislav Mihaljević, the hospital’s Director of Education, Dr. Mario Škugor, as well as ACAP’s, Dr. Steven Pavletić, immediate past President, all three of whom are alumni of Zagreb’s Faculty of Medicine. 

Based on students’ specialties, Dr. Škugor was able to create a custom educational program that the students cite as invaluable to their professional development. 

Each scholarship, valued at approximately $4,000, covered the students’ travel, housing, tuition, and living expenses during their month-long stay in the United States.

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