New Opportunities

How to Engage

Business Opportunities and Partnerships

Explore a range of business opportunities and develop partnerships within our community. Through webinars and involvement in committees such as Business and Entrepreneurship, each interaction offers the chance to discover new possibilities for your professional journey.

Friendships and Social Connections

Build lasting friendships across Croatia and the U.S., that go beyond professional networks. Our events and chapter meetups provide the perfect backdrop for you to connect on a personal level, enhancing your professional path with support and friendship. 

Collaborations and Projects

Collaborate on projects that ignite your passion and drive innovation. Whether through committee initiatives or casual brainstorming sessions, every connection has the potential to spark meaningful progress.

Learning and Growth

Leverage our resources, workshops, and expert-led sessions to fuel your continuous learning and professional development. Grow within a community that values knowledge-sharing and mutual support.

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