ACAP Medical Tourism Committee Changes Name to Health and Lifestyle Committee

Dr. Steven Pavletic, Dr. Vladimir Mozetic, and Ognjen Bagatin, along with colleagues at the Hotel Ambassador in Opatija, applaud the recent change of name for the ACAP Medical Tourism Committee to the Health and Lifestyle Committee.

The new name more accurately represents our evolving mission and the broad range of initiatives we are pursuing to enhance the wellbeing of our community.

The decision to rebrand comes from a desire to be more transparent about our objectives and to ensure that our name directly reflects our commitment to promoting a holistic approach to health and lifestyle. Our scope has expanded to include a wider array of health and wellness activities and educational programs that benefit everyone.

Under the Health and Lifestyle Committee, we will continue to develop strategies that not only focus on health improvements but also foster economic growth through the introduction of health-related industries, such as wellness tourism.

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