ACAP Foundation Launches Virtual Endowment Competition

The ACAP Foundation is establishing an endowment to help cover operating costs while furthering its mission of promoting education, careers, and community. To support this initiative, the Foundation is partnering with ACAP members who are distinguished investment professionals. The endowment aims to create a sustainable source of income for the Foundation’s programs.

To determine the best approach for managing these funds, the ACAP Foundation is hosting a virtual endowment competition. Students and ACAP members interested in investments and finance are encouraged to apply before May 20, 2024. The competition will start on June 1, 2024, and last for 12 months.

A maximum of four teams, each consisting of up to three members, will manage a virtual endowment of $1 million following ACAP’s investment goals and criteria. Teams will meet monthly with ACAP investment professionals and members to review their results and discuss strategies. At the program’s conclusion, teams will present to the ACAP Board, with winning teams receiving cash prizes. Gain real-world experience while contributing to the Croatian American community.

Participants in the virtual endowment competition will have the unique opportunity to gain insights from successful mentors in the finance and investment sector:

  • Igor Cesarec: Senior Economist, Millennium
  • Marina Kordić: Entrepreneurial Senior Executive, Investor, and Advisor
  • Ivan Kurtović: President of the Management Board, InterCapital
  • Vuk Vuković: CIO and Co-Founder, Oraclum Capital

These industry leaders will offer valuable perspectives, sharing their wealth of experience throughout the program.

Learn more about the competition and apply here:

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