ACAP Supports the Transformation of STEM Education in Croatia

ACAP, in collaboration with STEMI, is proud to support the transformation of STEM education in Croatia through our partnership with three schools.

The “School of the Future” project empowers elementary and high school students with advanced educational programs in robotics, artificial intelligence, and augmented reality. ACAP’s donation funded these innovative programs at I. Gymnasium Osijek, Nikola Andrić Elementary School in Vukovar, and the First High School of Beli Manastir. This funding provides access to the STEMI Lab, professional teacher training, and ongoing support, laying the groundwork for advanced learning and development.

We are proud that ACAP recognized the value of this project and the importance of preparing young people for the future world. Together, we’re making significant strides in building a global community that creates schools of the future and offers children in Croatia the opportunity to fulfill their potential

Marin Trošelj, CEO of STEMI
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