ACAP has formed the inaugural Advisory Council

The Association of Croatian American Professionals (ACAP) proudly announces the formation of its inaugural Advisory Council. This renowned  group, composed of 15 distinguished leaders from diverse sectors such as healthcare, diplomacy, academia, journalism, sports, law, and corporate leadership, embodies a broad spectrum of professional excellence and dedication to public service. Their collective wisdom and expertise will invigorate ACAP’s mission, introducing fresh perspectives and innovative strategies to support and empower Croatian – American professionals.

The ACAP Advisory Council is designed to be a private-sector advisory group, with members contributing their vast expertise, professional knowledge, or fundraising sources. These efforts are aimed at enriching ACAP’s array of stimulating programs across various issues, furthering the organization’s mission to serve the community and support professional growth among its members.

Introducing the 2024 ACAP Inaugural Advisory Council:

  • Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic, 4th President of the Republic of Croatia
  • Robert Kohorst, Former US Ambassador to Croatia and Businessman
  • Stjepan Oreskovic, CEO, Scientist, and Entrepreneur
  • Tomislav Mihaljevic, CEO of Cleveland Clinic and Surgeon
  • Damir Hainski, Journalist and Senior Editor at HINA
  • James Foley, Former US Ambassador to Croatia and Diplomat
  • Nenad Sestan, Professor of Neuroscience at Yale University
  • William Dahut, Chief Scientific Officer at the American Cancer Society
  • Iskra Reic, Executive VP at AstraZeneca
  • Hedvig Hricak, Scientist and Professor of Radiology at Gerstner Sloan-Kettering Graduate School
  • Damjan Rudez, Former NBA Basketball Player
  • Luka Misetic, Attorney in New York and ACAP Board Member 2022-2023
  • Marko Zoretic, Attorney in Orange County and ACAP Co-Founder and President 2014-2020
  • Maria Dugandzic-Pasic, Vice President of Regional Corporate Communications for PNC Bank
  • Steven Pavletic, ACAP Co-Founder, Director, and President 2021-2023, and Professor of Oncology

Guided by Steven Pavletic, the Advisory Council is eager to harness its collective expertise in service of ACAP’s mission, fostering an environment where Croatian professionals worldwide can thrive.

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