ACAP Foundation Donates over $33,000 to foster Croatia’s Educational and Career Development Landscape

ACAP Foundation Donates over $33,000 to foster Croatia’s Educational and Career Development Landscape: Announces Scholarships, Partnerships and Mentorships

Over the past two years, the American Croatian Association of Professionals (ACAP) has forged several educational alliances in Croatia, manifesting its commitment to academic excellence and collaborative growth.

A cornerstone of these partnerships has been mentorship. Since 2021, ACAP’s U.S.-based members have been actively mentoring students based in Croatia, providing them with invaluable insights and guidance. Concurrently, scholarships have been granted to U.S.-based students attending the esteemed Domovina summer program in Croatia, symbolizing ACAP’s investment in fostering international educational experiences and reconnecting new generations of Croatian-Americans with Croatia.


This September marks another significant milestone. ACAP proudly announces its collaboration with some of Croatia’s leading educational institutions:

–       University of Zagreb – Faculty of Engineering and Computing (FER)

–       Zagreb School of Economics and Management

–       Rochester Institute of Technology Croatia, and

–       Algebra University College.

The primary focus of this alliance is to sponsor scholarships for the current academic year for deserving students who have demonstrated remarkable academic achievements and are in economic need.

These partnerships are expected to continue in the future as ACAP Foundation and its members work with the partners by providing mentorships, scholarships, and internships collaboratively while growing the Croatian American professional network in the US and Croatia.


Building on the scholarship donation is also continued mentoring programs that ACAP started with ZSEM and ACAP New York chapter, now in its third year, expanded to Algebra and ACAP Seattle chapter this year in its inaugural season.  ACAP is now working with RIT and FER to explore mentorship programs based on student interest and will be announcing the details soon.


Medical fellowships also received a significant boost with ACAP partnering with globally recognized institutions such as Cleveland Clinic, Mt. Sinai in New York, and the University of Miami.  ACAP is working with these institutions and their doctors and executives, who all have ties to Croatia, in sponsoring the qualifying Croatia-based students.  These fellowships are slated to commence in 2024.

Engineering and Computing are not left behind, with ACAP joining forces with FER to explore opportunities for fellowships for Ph.D. students at universities in the U.S.

Special Programs

In its bid to support STEM education, ACAP has donated STEMI, benefitting three schools in Eastern Croatia. This contribution will help wider adoption of the ‘Škola Budućnosti,’ a successful year-long sciences, technology, engineering, and mathematics-based program where schools around Croatia partner with STEMI to advance the learnings with the use of computers and robotics.

Finally, ACAP has also partnered with the University of Zagreb and has donated the funds to develop the first-ever study abroad program in Croatia, where Croatia-based colleges within Zagreb University are partnering to offer semester-long courses for interested US students in select US colleges and universities, with initial start date targeted for the school year 2024-25.

ACAP continues to advance its educational and career development mission and continues to connect US and Croatian communities across generations, geographies, and industries.  These partnerships, rooted in mentorships, scholarships, and internships described herein, aim to strengthen the American-Croatian professional network in both the U.S. and Croatia and continue to nurture two-way collaboration and exchange of knowledge, contacts, and ideas among the network members and partners.  

As a foundation, we focus on making a meaningful impact in our community. While we know that we lack the resources to meet every need, we remain committed to identifying those areas where relatively small financial contributions can make a large impact.  100% of donations reach intended recipients.

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