Croatia for Ukrainian Refugees

When the ACAP Foundation first approached an association of Ukrainians in Croatia about relief opportunities, they—knowing that there are many needs in Croatia—expressed concern about taking funds away from Croatians in need. Since these were donor-designated funds for helping Ukrainian refugees (and couldn’t be used for other purposes), they devised a plan to create jobs for Croatian citizens to provide the services needed by women and children refugees from Ukraine.

Thus, the grant in the amount of $21,000 provided by ACAP Foundation will, over the next six months, fund translation services, psychological support, classes in English and Croatian languages, creative play for children (i.e. childcare), supplies and utilities, as well as winter clothing and footwear and Christmas gifts for children. More than 250 persons will benefit from these services and several professional jobs and paid internships will be created. 

The city of Osijek and the entire Slavonia region of eastern Croatia know well the impact of war. In the 1990s, during the Croatian War for Independence, the area was devastated, and, in part, occupied. It took seven years for some of the Croatian refugees to be able to return to their destroyed homes. These former refugees are now lending a hand to Ukrainians in need. ACAP Foundation is proud to support them. 

ACAP Foundation (501c3) is the all-volunteer-run charitable arm of the Association of Croatian American Professionals. Over the last two years, the Foundation has raised more than $500,000 to support various charitable causes.  ACAP Foundation is committed to 100% transparency and is proud that 100% of raised funds reach intended recipients. For more information, visit

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