ACAP New York: PPP, EIDL and Tax Webinar

Seminar How to navigate PPP loans, EIDL loans, loan forgiveness applications and the impact of Covid-19 on taxes will take place on Tuesday, February 9, 2021 at 6:00 pm ET. 

The event is hosted by Presti & Naegele and presented by Steve Grgas and Andy Presti, Senior Partner.

How has COVID-19 impacted my taxes? What is the impact of EIDL and PPP? This webinar provides the answers to those questions and others stemming from the impact of COVID-19. A small business accounting and tax expert will describe and answer your questions about how to optimize your tax planning going forward.


  • At the end of this webinar you will have the knowledge and resources to:
  • Understand the effect of PPP and EIDL Loans on tax planning
  • How to apply for a forgivable PPP loan if you are self-employed
  • Explain how the type of business entity you select affects taxes
  • Define the Qualified Income Deduction (QBI) and how it can reduce taxes
  • Summarize pension plan options to reduce taxes
  • Understand how an HSA can benefit your finances
  • Changes to tax deductions for 2021


Independent contractors, small business owners and start-ups who want to learn how to implement a tax strategy to optimize their deductions in view of COVID-19-related issues and programs.

Zoom information will be sent to those who confirm attendance on email with the subject RSVP | Feb 9 | PPP, EIDL and Tax Webinar. 

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