Croatian Leadership Series: Jan de Jong

The Croatian Leadership Series seeks to highlight new voices both in Croatia and the diaspora that are working to drive innovation, create economic change, and open up new opportunities in Croatia. The goal is to inspire all Croatians with a positive message of economic change and encourage them to look for opportunities in their own communities. 

While the primary focus will be innovators and companies based in Croatia, the series seeks to highlight movers and shakers in the Croatian world to help inspire, connect, and advance Croatian entrepreneurship and innovation. 

These videos are high quality productions covering conversations with entrepreneurs, executives, and business leaders in a casual setting and are meant to be distributed over the ACAP social media channels and ACAP conferences.

In August 2020, ACAP Seattle members sat down with Jan de Jong, a Dutch entrepreneur who has launched multiple successful companies in Croatia.

We invite you to listen in and hear about entrepreneurship in Croatia, the changing business climate, and his story on how he is bringing positive change to Croatia.

Brought to you by ACAP Seattle Chapter.

Interviewer: Andrea Kunza 

Guest: Jan de Jong, Co-founder of Webpower Adria and CROP (Entrepreneur and Investor)

Producers: Andrea Kunza, Anna Kunza, Brendan Weston, Mislav Magerl 

Video production: Brendan Weston –

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