Globalna Hrvatska episode with news about ACAP efforts about the topic of veterans

Show “Globalna Hrvatska” is a show on HTV that gives latest news from Croatia and about Croatia in Spanish, German and English. They connect homeland and the emigrant of Croatia and inform the international public and Croats living abroad. 

You can follow their TV episodes and listen to live radio through this link. 

The topic of the latest episode is about the news related about our own efforts in which we wanted to connect Croatian and American veterans and their stories. 

On ACAP national conference, held in Cleveland in 2019, the panel session “Doing Business with Veterans” showed their stories and experiences. 

The panel is filmed and can be accesses on our YouTube channel: 

The episode of Globalna Hrvatska that will discuss these topics will be aired: 

  • Saturday November 21, 2020 on HTV4 at 3:10 PM EST (US) / 21:10 CEST (CRO)
  • Monday November 23, 2020 on HTV1 at 8:06 am EST (US) / 14:06 CEST (CRO)

You can also access the episode through their website and watch live on HRTi service

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