Glas Hrvatske episode with news of lifting visa restrictions for Croatian citizens

Show “Glas Hrvatske” is a show on HTV that gives latest news from Croatia and about Croatia in Spanish, German and English. They connect homeland and the emigrant of Croatia and inform the international public and Croats living abroad. 

You can follow their TV episodes and listen to live radio through this link

The topic that can be followed live today is about the news related to abolition of the visa regime and double taxation with the United States and Croatian citizens. The questions that arise from this possibility and this topic will be the main theme of Globalna Hrvatska episode. 

The episode will be aired on HTV and later on accessible on Globalna Hrvatska website

  • Saturday October 3, 2020 on HTV4 at 3:10 pm EDT (US) / 21:10  CEST (CRO)
  • Monday October 5, 2020 on HTV1 at 8:06 am EDT (US) / 14:06 CEST (CRO)

American Chamber of Commerce in Croatia and American Croats welcome the announcement of the abolition of the double taxation. The guest of the show is the executive director of the American Chamber of Commerce, Andrea Joko Jelušić.

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