Join Us this Saturday for a Worldwide Celebration!

The last few adversity-filled months have surely affected us in ways we will yet discover. As we witnessed a ferocious disease gradually increase its deadly reach, causing an unprecedented global halt, our hearts were abruptly pierced as yet another monster tore through Zagreb, the capital city of our beloved homeland.

Material ruins from the earthquake seemed like a mere drizzle compared to the downpour of emotions that we experienced while realizing that the controlled and warm environment for life’s greatest gift was severely devastated. Photos of anticipating mothers and women in labor standing in the bitter cold wrapped in blankets baffled as the look at crumbling hospitals will surely never be forgotten.

Good samaritans, both Croatians and friends of Croatia, around the world quickly organized to provide multiple means of help. The ACAP Foundation, together with its stellar members and trustworthy partners, fundraised to help save the little heroes who fight not similar to any other – premature babies.

We’ve recently provided two installments of relief for hospitals damaged by the devastating earthquakes. The effort and time of countless individuals put into this has been tremendous and after our most recent donation, we finally feel some alleviation. We are extending a heart-felt #thankyou to all our members and friends for their generosity, trust, and commitment.

To properly celebrate this great achievement we kindly invite you to join us for a virtual worldwide celebration on Saturday, June 13, 2020, at 2 PM ET. This gathering will feature a detailed explanation of our fundraising efforts and all involved. We will hear from task members, dignitaries, and representatives of the hospitals that received our donations. There will also be surprise musical performances and an opportunity for members to mingle.

Please join us to celebrate the spirit of #CroatianExcellence!


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