Tatjana’s Scholarship Story: Fulfilling a childhood dream

Published: November 6, 2017

The recipients of the 2017 ACAP Scholarships Awards, Madeline Kovacevic, Tatjana Mustac, and Gordan Kucan, attended The Summer Negotiations program at the Zagreb School of Economics and Management and enjoyed a unique educational and cultural program in Croatia. Read on to learn more about their firsthand experiences.

By: Tatjana Mustac

A dream of mine since I was a little girl was to study abroad in Zagreb, Croatia. I never realized that my dream would come true. I am extremely fortunate to say that I have been to Croatia almost every summer since the age of two years old. I would specifically visit where my family is from which is outside of Pula in Barban (Mom’s side) and Zadar in Privlaka (Dad’s side). Each year, my family and I would explore a new place in Croatia.

I have seen everywhere from Poreč to Dubrovnik. But, one place I was never able to fully explore is the capital of Zagreb. After about two times my family and I attempted visiting, the weather was rainy and cold. However, the third time I visited Zagreb, the weather was absolutely perfect! This was for the ZSEM Summer Negotiations Program.

The Summer Negotiations Program is a program through Zagreb School of Economics and Management. The program is strongly tied with the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. Being on the PreMedical track and a Neuroscience major, I found the negotiation skills presented by Professor George Siedel of the University of Michigan tremendously beneficial for when I will be working in a clinical environment. I loved every second of the trip; from visiting a winery in Hrvatsko Zagorje to visiting the National Park of Plitvička Jezera.

It is wonderful knowing that our Croatian community has an organization that supports young people to uphold their roots while pursuing an education. I hope this organization continues to thrive and grow not only in the United States but throughout the world. I also hope that other members of the Student Sector of Association of Croatian American Professionals can experience studying abroad firsthand in the homeland. Words cannot describe how thankful I am to the Association of Croatian American Professionals for making my childhood dreams a reality.