Published: October 14, 2019

Are you a visual communications designer who loves to help inspirational nonprofit projects?

The Association of Croatian American Professionals (ACAP) is a non-profit organization created to foster knowledge-sharing, networking, and promotion of Croatian and Croatian-American professionals, and trade between the two. We bring together professionals, business leaders, academics, students and community organizers from all corners of the world for an ongoing discussion and mutual professional advancement.


ACAP is seeking a person/company to design the organization’s logo and brand identity guidelines, inclusive of the following:

  • Organizational logo
    • Please keep in mind that the logo will be used as a standalone visual but may also be combined with a number of ACAP taglines. Tagline examples include, but are not limited to “Accelerating Your Success”, “One Collaborative Voice”, and “Your link to the world of Croatian Professionals”. Please provide creative solutions for both a standalone logo and a logo in combination with a tagline.
  • Colors: primary and secondary color palette
  • Organizational font: default font (headline and body copy) and display topography

The new logo and brand identity guidelines must be applicable to the following options should we decide to use them in our communication:

  • Print applications (brochures, banners/signage, internal and external organizational presentations, etc.)
  • Stationary design (letterhead, business cards, envelope, mugs, t-shirts, brochures, power point presentations, etc.)
  • Web/online usage  (organizational websites, chapter sites)
  • Social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.)
  • Email newsletters for communication with current and future membership base and APAC business partners
  • Press releases
  • Advertising applications (organic and paid, digital and print)


Creative direction:

Logo design should be elegant, modern and simple, and represent/ reflect ACAP’s objectives of integrity, cooperation, leadership, innovation, and connectivity. The final solution need to be the original work of the designer/company and be unique to ACAP.

Please recognize that red, white and blue are Croatian national colors and red and white checkers are the most recognizable visual elements of the Croatian national identity. We welcome your creative interpretation of both this task and encourage you to provide us with additional creative solutions.


Reward/ Compensation for the Winner:

One year of premium sponsorship which will include listing on the website, one-time inclusion and promotion in a newsletter to the membership base, verbal and print acknowledgement at the annual conference, one time acknowledgement on ACAP’s social media channels , and a personalized “Thank You” plaque for the contribution to the ACAP.


Usage Rights: All creative and copy elements of the approved logo and brand identity developed for ACAP will be sole trademarks of ACAP with all ownership rights reserved.


Key 2019 Submission and Review Dates:

  • October 19: Questions regarding the RFP may be submitted to the contacts listed below.
  • October 24: ACAP Committee to provide answers to the submitted questions.
  • October 31: Logo concept of one or multiple variations of the logo and a 300-word explanation of thoughts/concept behind the proposal.
  • November 7: Team/individuals selected for the final round to be notified.
  • November 22: Final version of your proposal must be received. This version must include the final design of the logo and visuals for the following logo applications (one for each): stationary, web/digital, and print.
  • Week of December 2: Finalist will be asked to present their proposals via a conference call with ACAP.
  • Week of December 9 – Winner selection. The final acceptance of the logo by ACAP will depend on Executive Board and Branding and Design Committee approval, and it is not prejudiced by the RFP.


Key point of contacts for all inquiries and correspondence:

Biljana Lovrinovic [email protected] and Iva Vukina  [email protected] .


Thank you for your time, effort, and interest in our project.


We look forward to receiving your proposal,

ACAP Branding and Design Committee