Senior paralegal and linguist leveraging 17+ years of proven experience in paralegal functions and some 30 years of interpreting and translation functions, certified by Courts and medical agencies. Former business owner. Board member of European Council for Christian music and arts and Christian business people in Europe. Proven ability to be a corporate steward interacting in cooperating with multiple levels of management and diverse cultural audiences in visibly high tempo environment. Possess a comprehensive background in administrative functions, paralegal studies and law, linguistics, international business, and diplomatic negotiations derived from serving as a paralegal for multiple law firms and assisting the Department of Defense, United Nations (WHO), and United States Army (training intelligence and special forces).
Skilled in cross functional leadership, international relations, data and legal research, diplomatic negotiations, litigation, correspondence development, notary public, Croatian, Bosnian, Montenegro and Serbian language instructor, and customer service excellence.


Bachelor of Applied Science, Criminal Justice & Law Enforcement Administration/ Dallas Baptist University

Associate of Science in Paralegal Studies (Civil litigation)/ The Professional Development Institute

Paralegal advance education/Trial certification

Leadership & Practical Theology & Music/ Christ for the Nations

Court Interpreter and Language Instructor Certifications

Electronic Filing in Federal Courts/ US Bankruptcy & Federal Court, Dallas, TX

Notary Public for the State of Texas

Chemistry Technician




Senior Paralegal

Ability to switch from one to the other legal fields with no difficulties, depending on the needs and unpredictable circumstances due to military life orders. Impressing employees during the interviews and proving that they have made a right investment by gaining hard-working, high-achiever, employee.

Managing over 30 high profile million-dollar cases and not only achieving successful outcome but putting clients and law contacts at ease by convincing them they will receive only the best work out of our performance. Serving as liaison between corporate executives, outside counsels, inside counsels, insurance carriers and third party administrators. Implementing skills of the records management and correspondence control, researching and filing lawsuits, serving parties with the process and making sure all the deadlines are closely followed, and creating pleadings and keeping correspondence as professional and open as possible for the best outcome of the case. Experience in the asbestos cases; 9 years of senior and supervising paralegal work, including working from home internationally, on foreclosure, sequestration and bankruptcy legal work. 4 years of high tempo assistance in personal injury cases from corporate contract breaches to fatal injuries with all sorts of businesses; handling workers compensation and liability cases for the city of Baltimore and the State of Maryland agencies, as well as biggest insurance companies; property forfeitures; will contests and Federal RICO cases. Licensed e-filing paralegal; trial management paralegal; and in addition to a paralegal certification, advanced degree in civil litigation. Notary Public.


Croatian/Bosnian/Serbian Linguist

As a native European, started assisting those in need of language assistance some 30 years ago. Served as national founder and coordinator for the American organization in Croatia and establishing it by negotiating establishment in Croatia and other European countries. Due to war at the time, running the international humanitarian organization while coordinating hot soup kitchen and humanitarian aid among donors in USA and other counties. At the same time, served as the interpreter for the local International Bible University and assisting English speaking professors.

Assisting US Army CIMIC office on the Bosnian border while managing IFOR claims, negotiating and reporting to Pentagon highest officials on the local opinion and mutual developments to assess need for US Army involvement in that area. Successfully completing the mission with the positive relations with the local leadership.

Serving as a diplomatic personnel, negotiator, regional coordinator and executive administrative assistant for the United Nations, World Health Organization, while negotiating between 3 governments and implementing reintegration of recovered war areas to the Croatian government and reintegrating medical care for those that have been neglected due to war activities.

International Diplomatic Skills and customer service

Kept professional relations with the Presidential staff members and American staff that assisted in negotiations. Worked as a Communications Agent for the Director of Health Care Business at the Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland assisting Navy and Marine Corps community with getting the best healthcare; coordinating Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting system and overseen the Naval Health Clinic in Annapolis and satellite locations throughout 6 states. Designated as Mission Essential Personnel in response to national emergency; member of the Navy Command Focus Group and contributor to the Strategic Goals Charter Total Force Committee; played a pivotal role in designing, developing and integrating the Medical Home and Relayhealth system, as well as drafted the Department’s standard operating procedures. Monitored customer satisfaction and generated reports using various electronic booking systems to include CHCS and Bureau of Medicine and Surgery (BUMED). Recipient of the Steer Committee Excellence Award and the NHC Safety Award.

Served as a Board Director in various capacities: from running a military ministry and connecting military and local churches, serving as a team leader for the Family Readiness Group for the deployed spouses, Board Director for the Homeowners Association, to being a business owner, Director and Founder of the Music Association to being an active Board Member of the European Union Council for the Christian Arts and Businessmen and women.

Language instructor

Served as a contractor as a Language and cross-cultural communications instructor and role-play assistant for the Special Forces and the Intelligence units while either participating in the live-fire role while coordinating military cross-cultural and language response while under attack or training special forces units short crash courses for undercover assignments to survive in Bosnia. Training, testing and creating most effective curriculum. In both Latin and Cyrillic alphabets.

Served translation agencies throughout USA by translating legal documents, interpreting over the phone as needed or acting as the Certified Court and Medical Interpreter in Texas, Maryland, Pennsylvania and other states as needed.


 Franklin & Prokopik, Baltimore, MD – senior liability paralegal

Semmes, Bowen, Semmes, Baltimore, MD – senior liability and worker’s compensation paralegal

Thomas J. Henry, San Antonio, TX – senior personal injury paralegal

Pipoly Law Office, San Antonio, TX – senior trial and all other law paralegal

Naval Academy Health Clinic, Annapolis, MD – communications agent

Court and Medical Interpreter – MD, TX, PA courts and Johns Hopkins Healthcare institutions

Johnson & Silver, LLP, Dallas, TX – senior bankruptcy and foreclosure paralegal

Department of Defense – language instructor

United Nations, World Health Organization, Vukovar, Croatia – diplomatic personnel

IFOR, US Army CIVIC, Bosnian border – linguist, claims assistant and intelligence and negotiations

Agape Humanitarian Relief, Osijek, Croatia – International Coordinator and correspondent

Eurasia Teen Challenge, Zagreb, Croatia – national founder and coordinator, linguist


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