Gordan Krajacic, prof. is long time top world security expert at all levels. His carrier in security business begins with 1991. Croatian Independence War and it is continuously developed with nonstop education. His experience is ranging from providing personal security for clients in Croatia Wartime from 1992. till 1997. For next 17 years, he was top level professional at Ministry of Interior of Croatia working at various positions from CQB and Self defense Instructor, to Crime Police Inspector to Special Police Officer, Special Police Instructor at Special Police Company Commander. During his Police carrier, he was involved in all major security actions, planning and execution in his country and some special operations that are still top secret today. International experience of our founder was started by ad hoc and long term engagement in EU countries and countries such as Bosnia, Serbia, Ukraine, Afghanistan, Turkey, UAE, and Iraq. 

Gordan Krajacic is also the founder of only original Croatian Martial Arts System: Crobran – Croatian Warriors Arts, and this system is one of the best self-defense systems of the world. You can get more info about systems and hosting seminars of Crobran at www.facebook/crobran and  www.crobran.com
In addition to his Security Work and Martial Arts Work Gordan is a writer of wisdom books, martial arts, and training books – currently translating it on the English language. Some of his books can be purchased here under the name Gordon Enderson: www.amazon.com
Gordan Krajacic is one of world top Security Advisory Counselors and Private Investigative Detective who operate worldwide and can offer you top class services in various fields of security and investigating.
He is specialist in business intelligence, people finding, asset recovery, background checking, criminal records checking, real estate, and mobile property checking, heritage checking, surveillance, and counter-surveillance measures and top to bottom security counseling and management. He can offer you services for Croatia, EU, Balkan, USA, South America area and worldwide advisory and investigative services.
Gordan Krajacic is the problem solver and whatever problem you have he will find you a solution for it.


  • Kinesiology faculty Zagreb
  • Police Academy Zagreb
  • Faculty of Political Sciences - Certificate of Security Management

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