Boris Debić is a Google technologist since 2005. He holds an M.Sc. in Physics from the University of Zagreb, Croatia. At Google he has worked in several roles: Release engineering, G+Privacy, Global Infrastructure, Data center site location, Ads serving infrastructure. He has worked with on analysis and exchange of global climate modeling data sets and agricultural data to provide food security forecasts. Currently works on projects for Developer Relations. With support from NASA Ames directs Mars Society’s NorCal Rover project. He is a board member of several high tech startup companies in both the US and Croatia including which was featured as a top three at Launch Fest in San Francisco. Prior to Google he held positions in: Silicon Valley startups, most notably E.piphany; the United Nations; the Croatian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the University of Zagreb. Boris Debić has been a lecturer, invited keynote speaker and organizer of Computer Science conferences.


  • University of Zagreb - M.Sc. Physics

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