Senior Technology Executive | Product Management & Marketing | Engineering

Alex Grbic is vice president of product marketing in the Programmable Solutions Group at Intel Corporation. He is responsible for defining, promoting and managing innovative software, hardware, and intellectual property (IP) products for Intel’s programmable logic solutions.

Grbic joined Intel with the acquisition of Altera Corporation, where he had spent the previous four years as senior director of software and IP marketing. He managed product planning and outbound marketing for multiple Altera products, including the Quartus II design software and IP cores, digital signal processing design tools, and Altera’s software development kit for OpenCL.

Earlier in his Altera career, Grbic spent several years overseeing applications engineering, a role that included responsibility for escalated customer support, initiatives for early adoption of new products, and technical collateral. He began his Altera career in the company’s software and IP engineering organization, where he led critical and complex software development and infrastructure projects.

Before joining Altera, Grbic was a hardware designer working on shared-memory multiprocessors in the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering (ECE) at the University of Toronto in Canada. He also taught advanced computer science courses at the university.

He serves on the University of Toronto ECE Board of Advisors and holds multiple patents in software design flows.


  • Ph.D., Computer Engineering, University of Toronto

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