Croatian Companies Entering the U.S. Market Seminar

“The entry of Croatian companies into the American market was the topic of the third seminar organized by the Croatian Chamber of Economy, the US Embassy in the Republic of Croatia, and the Association of Croatian-American Professionals (ACAP). Following this successful collaboration, a seminar was organized with a thematic focus on intellectual property protection, attracting and negotiating with investors, and employment and cultural differences.

The American market is becoming increasingly attractive to Croatian companies as the significance of the partnership between the two countries grows. Last year, service export revenue from Croatia to the USA amounted to more than 1 billion euros, with a growth of 47 percent. We exported services from the tourism, telecommunications, computer and information services, and management and consulting sectors. The USA is among the most significant foreign trade partners for Croatia and at the top of our most important export markets. Today’s seminar aims to encourage companies to enter the American market, equipped with all the important information for successful operations in the USA,” said Ante Perica from the Center for Business Internationalization at the Croatian Chamber of Economy at the beginning.

The goal of the seminar is to provide as much information as possible about the specific challenges companies face when entering the American market. Given the growing importance of intellectual property in fostering innovation and business success, the seminar emphasizes comparing frameworks and processes in Europe versus the USA, differences in registration processes and legal protections, and the strategic benefits of IP for business. Special attention is given to IT companies and software protection.

This successful series of educational events is one in a series of initiatives through which ACAP tirelessly works to provide key resources and knowledge for success in the American market. Through our broad network of Croatian-American professionals and industry leaders, members have a unique opportunity to learn, network, and exchange ideas. After an exceptionally successful annual conference in Zagreb, which we organized with the support of the Croatian Chamber of Economy as the general sponsor, this year’s conference will be held in Las Vegas in October,” emphasized Nikol Njavro from the Association of Croatian-American Professionals.

The seminar also provided insights on how to attract investors and negotiate with them, and how to choose collaborators in this culture.

Through the SelectUSA program, the trade department of the US Embassy in Zagreb works to assist Croatian companies in entering the American market and vice versa. We support investments of all sizes – from smaller projects to large factories. Although the American market offers enormous opportunities, it also presents numerous challenges. The goal of these lectures, which we organize in cooperation with the Croatian Chamber of Economy and ACAP, is to bring the American market closer to Croatian companies and help them prepare as well as possible for a successful performance on it, to make it a success story and not an expensive lesson,” stated Nina Čerkez, Commercial Specialist at the US Embassy in the Republic of Croatia.

Experts during the lectures covered key aspects important for a successful performance in the USA. Tarja Krehić, a lawyer from Krehić Law Firm, shared strategies and advice on how Croatian companies can identify and attract appropriate investors for business in the USA. Her presentation was focused on key steps, from creating attractive business plans to establishing long-term relationships with investors.

Also, lawyer Iva Rukelj from the New York office of Cole-Frieman & Mallon and Irena Bajan Varat, the global director of the Human Resources Department at the Museum of Illusions, spoke about the challenges and opportunities of employment and talent management in the American market. This session covered key legal aspects of employment, as well as best practices for attracting and retaining qualified employees.

In conclusion, Krehić and Rukelj reflected on the legal aspects of protecting and promoting products and services in the United States. Their presentation included advice on intellectual property protection and branding, as well as strategies for effectively promoting products in the competitive American market.

The seminar is intended for all Croatian companies starting operations in the USA or just considering entering the challenging American market, as well as professionals and experts on the topics covered.”


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